Floor plans

The penthouse is a very spacious innovated open space concept with the possibility of being divided into various ways to best satisfy the buyers needs. Since the apartment is of such great dimension the buyer has the possibility of deciding whether or not to purchase it entirely or only partially. Having kept this in mind during the planning stages, a number of windows were placed throughout the apartment so to guarantee the correct relationship between light and air in each room.

The supporting structure made of decorated iron with magnificent beams give added value to the property.

A classical look can be obtained by hiding the beams whereas if a modern hyper-technological look is what one wants the beams can be left out in the open.

Below are two possible solutions, however since the apartment is an open space concept there are many more possibilities that can be planned out and each and every one of them will be functional and captivating in its own way.


click to view details of the solution A


click to view details of the solution A